The Struggle to Shoot

March 30, 2011 § Leave a comment

I like to play.  I enjoy climbing, running, biking, riding, dancing and moving in any way I can.  I thoroughly enjoy journalism, but that doesn’t mean I always want to be taking pictures and video of the action.  I am an outdoor journalist because I like to DO… And then talk, show and share non-stop until people tell me to shut up.  Sometimes it is a struggle…snapping pics and shutting up.

I find myself organizing gear instead of charging batteries.  I often carry my camera bag to only use it as storage for my keys.  I will rack up over and over again until the good light is gone and often spend more time washing the chalk off my hands than editing photos.  It is hard to be a journalist if you aren’t behind the camera.  I am sure Mikey Smith, from my prior post wants to ride waves, instead of getting pounded by them some days.

However, I see benefit to my struggle.  With the right amount of  discipline and self control, my experience allows me to understand the sensations and emotions in a deeper and more vivid way.  Experience is the best research: It allows you to feel, see, hear, smell, taste and connect to an activity in multiple ways.  With the movement toward multimedia story telling, understanding experiences is more important than ever before.  To present and portray the complete story a journalist needs to be connected to the subject or activity.  They need to draw upon all of their senses, understand an audiences ability to relate to those experiences and think creatively to express them through a variety of mediums.  DOing is the research of the kinesthetic journalist…At least that’s how I justify it.  And if it’s all work and no play what’s the point in pursuing journalism in a field that you love anyway.


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