FOW: Experience Human Flight

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This film was produced by “Betty Wants In.” for the Melbourne Skydive Centre and the title says it all.  The short promotional film shifts between real time and a slow motion speed that allows the viewer to relate with the broader and more subtle details of the experience of falling.  While I think the lack of an ambient track is better for the overall appeal and style of the piece, I wonder what reasons led them to exclude any ambient.  Having never been sky diving, I don’t really know, but assume that not much could be heard other than the rush of air.  Overall, the piece was mesmerizing and makes me want to go skydiving more than any other skydiving film I have seen.  Thanks for showing me this film Ben Haas.


FOW: Tempest Freerunning Academy Ad

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This advertisement for the new Tempest Freerunning Academy is pretty sick.  The way they did transitions between different choreographed sequences was pretty creative and allowed the constantly moving scene to continue with out an obvious cut of fade.  However, I still want to see Freerunning shot with a high speed camera.

Rock Climbing Apps

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So I have been looking at creating a mobile application (android AND iphone) and wanted to explore what was already being done.  Just as with most mobile applications, are great ideas and others not so much.  Unfortunately, there are a lot of great ideas out there that just don’t seem to work.  This may be because of poor and hurried design and coding, but could also be due to limitation in our current technology.

Red River Gorge Climbs

I think the climbing app. most are familiar with, at least in the East, is the Red River Gorge Climbs app by Wolverine.  I had the opportunity to play with this app. on my last trip to the Red and was very impressed.  Unfortunately, I have yet to see their apps for android phones (had to barrow the gf’s iphone).  However, it looks like they will be releasing other guidebook apps as well including Rifle, CO and the various areas in and around the New River Gorge, WV.  Here is a link to a ClimbingNarc post about the guide and below is a video demonstration.

Where’s the Nearest Cliff?

This is an app. by MEA Mobile and it didn’t work for my roommate Ben Haas (who gives it one star).  This could be due to the topography of our area, which is rocky (wait…isn’t that the point?).  It could also be a glitch or it might be that this app sucks.  Here is what others had to say in the review section of the iTunes store.


While I haven’t used this app because it doesn’t exist for android, I have done some looking around and it seems to be like training log that you can “spray” all over the internet.  Yay! 8a that you can shove up your ass and take with you!  Yes, that is a bit harsh and I am sure I am guilty of  regaling people with stories of my favorite/hardest accents, but I am not sure an app. needs to encourage it.  Despite my rant, I am sure this app. has a lot of great features for those, like myself, that want to keep track of how hard they are trying and to keep track of training etc.  My question is, “Can you ‘spray’ to your twitter while in the Red River Gorge where signal is patchy or do you have to go to Miguel’s and do it the old fashioned way?” Here is another link to ClimbingNarc for your reading pleasure.

Knots Guide

Knots Guide by SusaSoftX is a handy little app. with various knots for various uses including climbing, which has its own section.  While a great reference to recall knots you may not have tied recently, I am not sure the app. would be a great way to learn new knots.  The pictures are not always easy to see and some knots only have a single picture as opposed to a series demonstrating the steps, however the app. is simple and easy to use.  If only I could tweet how many hard knots I can tie.

Climbing Grade Converter

While I don’t have this app. by Blue Fusion Games, it seems like a great idea.  The app. does just what you would think.  It converts grades from 14 different grading systems for climbing around the world.  Now it only it would tell me which ones where sandbagged.

FOW: GT3 Climb

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I don’t know anything about cars.  I have a hard time keeping up with the simple maintenance on mine, but this blew me away.  The race is run on a 12.42 mile course with 156 turns that begins at 9,390 feet and finishes at the 14,110 foot summit of Pikes Peak located 10 miles west of  Colorado Springs, CO.

While racing doesn’t usually interest me all that much, this film got me excited about hairpin turns at fast speeds.  The variety of shots highlighting the subtle and precise movement of the driver.  The wide, medium and tight shots give you an overall sense of the cars movement and the beauty of Pike’s Peak and the great ambient sounds really makes you feel like your their.

Will Roegge’s film is simple, but beautifully takes you on Jeff Zwart’s Pikes Peak International Hill Climb record run in a Porsche GT3.

Banff: The After Party

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This is some more information about the films presented at the Banff Mountain Film Tour.  I also tried to include videos and trailers when possible for those of you who were unable to attend the sold out event.  Enjoy!

Kranked Kids

Produced by Radical Films.

Incomplete Clip

Life Cycles

Check out more at Life Cycles.

Crossing the Ditch

Here is a link with more information about what James and Justin are up to. website

Dream Result

Khumbu Climbing School

Here is a link to the film and the camp 4 climbing collective.

Into Darkness

Produced by Uncage the Soul. A short trailer can be seen there.

The Swiss Machine


To buy the full film check out Sender Films.

FOW: Banff Mountain Film Fest

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If you haven’t experienced the Banff Mountain Film Festival World Tour, here is a short trailer to see what this year’s tour has to offer.  The trailer ends with some advertisement you may or may not be interested in watching.

The Banff Mountain Film Festival will be in Morgantown, WV on Thursday April 7, 2011 at 7pm in the Metropolitan Theater.  For those of you elsewhere, here is a complete schedule of the Banff Tour and its stops.  For more information check out Chestnut Mountain Productions and The Banff Centre.

Mapping Cooper’s Rock’s Bouldering Distribution

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Green = VB-V3

Orange= V4-V6

Red = V7+

While this isn’t the prettiest map in the world, it does provide some great information in a simple easy-to-use way.  I only use free on-line software to create it including Create A Graph to make my pie charts, Google Maps for the interactive map and an old WordPress account to store the images that could be used by Google Maps.  There is a lot of potential for more information to be added including pictures, videos and links.  Check out these posts about other ideas that could be incorporated with this map in the future: “Google’s Sick Project” “Virtual Bouldering: Microsoft Photosynth” “Map Medium”